Zombie stories are terrifying, but we know that zombies themselves aren’t real. And it’s not like zombies are going to crawl out from our TV screen. So, we can just relax and feel safe inside our home while we watch The Walking Dead and all those zombie apocalypse films. Doomsday preppers think otherwise though. While they don’t truly believe that there will be a zombie apocalypse, they believe that preparing for such a scenario means that you are prepared for everything – solar flares, government failure, disease outbreak, society collapse and even natural disaster.  However, before we totally dismiss the idea that a zombie apocalypse is impossible, let us take a look at some of the reasons why zombies are possible.


Bath Salts

Remember the infamous cannibal attack that happened in Miami in 2012 where a naked Rudy Eugene viciously attacked the 66-year-ol homeless Man Ronald Poppo and eat his face off in the process? It is believed that Eugene was under the influence of bath salt at that time. It’s hard to tell though if it was really the bath salts that made Eugene want to eat human flesh or if he really was suffering from a mental problem.


Now, here’s another drug that’s rather best to avoid. Flakka is a potent, cheap designer drug that has been linked to incidents of nudity, extreme violence and zombie-like behavior. It also causes paranoia and hallucinations. A few users have been caught having sex with trees and breaking into a police department.


Brain Parasites

Hairworms can turn cricket suicidal, wasps can make spiders spin their last web, jewel wasp can zombify cockroaches, slime balls can make ants climb to the tips of a blade of grass and sit motionless, and fluke can make fish swim and behave more aggressively. These are just some of the parasites that can mind-control their host. What if one of these parasites was weaponized to zombify the masses?

Zombies are definitely a science-fiction thing, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

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