While popular, long-running TV shows reach huge audience numbers and are much loved all across the world, with cult-like fandoms surrounding them, few know behind-the-scenes facts about these shows. We have compiled a list of some of the most interesting and unexpected facts about all-time TV favourites to keep you entertained.


It is well documented that Eric McCormack auditioned for Ross’s role more than once, but in reality it seems he never stood a chance. While many of the other main actors, like Matthew Perry, were close to losing their roles to other actors, Ross’s role was in fact written with David Schwimmer in mind. Kevin Bright, the executive producer of the show, had worked with him before and imagined him for the role all along.

Family Guy

Family Guy has undeniably had its controversial moments, having even been cancelled twice, but it has also been a frontrunner in both comedy and animation. In fact, it was the first animated show to have been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series since The Flintstones in the 60s – an honour and recognition that wasn’t even given to The Simpsons. More recently, Family Guy’s iconic animations have also taken centre stage in further ventures: the unmistakable characters now feature in Mr Smith Casino’s popular, new online slots, giving the traditional game a modern twist. And that’s exactly what Family Guy always does.

Family Guy

Family Guy

Gilmore Girls

As we’re all anxiously waiting for the new Gilmore Girls episodes, with new information about the reunion cropping up every week, it’s the perfect time to rewatch the original seasons. It’s intriguing, now, to see Melissa McCarthy in the role that made her career; her success has skyrocketed over the last years, perhaps most notably through major roles in Bridesmaids and theupcoming Ghostbusters film, and she is now one of the highest paid actresses in the world. However, she wasn’t the original choice to play Sookie in Gilmore Girls, but was only cast for the role after Alex Borstein wasn’t able to get out of her previous contract. Now what would Gilmore Girls have been without McCarthy?

Game of Thrones

The love many feel for Game of Thrones may be well deserved – at least the amount of effort and money that is put into each episode is beyond almost any other TV show. Moreover, the characters feel so close to many viewers that there has been a boom in baby names such as Khaleesi and Tyrion. However, the show’s original pilot wasn’t quite as loved: in fact, Game of Thrones would most likely have never come to exist, had they not decided to reshoot the pilot with different actors.

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