A new weird phenomenon is picking up steam and is likely to take over the world very soon. Well, maybe not. Didn’t hear anything remotely weird for the past few days? Let me give you a hint – Jello.
The new craze involves recreating bottled beverage using jello, and then slicing them up in different ways. There must be something weirdly satisfying about it, as more people are joining the craze and taking the Jello-bottle fever to a new level. From small beverage bottles, people have evolved to using larger bottles, such as a gallon of milk.

Curious? Here’s what you need to do.


Mix gelatin, water and food coloring, and then pour it into a bottle that you want to cut up…for whatever reason. Place it in a freezer until the Jello solidifies. Afterwards, cut the bottle off the Jello. You also have the option to pre-cut the plastic bottle, so you can just peel it off once the Jello solidifies. Just place a tape over the cut or find other ways to keep the bottle sealed.

To make a realistic re-creation, save the original label and cap, and then wrap them around the bottle Jello you’ve created. Voila! You are now officially part of the Jello bottle phenomenon. Why not start slicing away?

It’s not actually clear whether cutting and slicing the Jello-made bottle feels oddly satisfying or weirdly horrifying. Not that anyone came forward to confirm how vandalizing and violating the bottle made them feel. Why not share your own discovery after you’ve tried it?

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Some people have taken the craze to a creative level, combing different-colored jello in one bottle. And we’re not talking layers of Jello, but in different shapes.
The internet is filled with weird things, and taking your frustration and anger on a bottle made of Jello is just one of the new things added to the list.

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