Photographs and videos are usually the best ways to capture memories even when our loved ones have gone on to the next life. But sometimes, pictures are not even enough to remind us of the awesome life they’ve lived.

Earlier last month, the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art launched a project that aims to help people pass down prized tattoos of departed loved ones to their family and friends and turned into framed art. Imagine hanging frames of all of the coolest tattoos of your dad, brother, wife or grandparents in your living room. Wouldn’t that be great?


Nowadays, the idea of immortalizing yours or a loved one’s tattoo collection has become a reality. Your skin art will be removed, preserved and framed like a masterpiece. NAPSA takes pride in “saving your legacy” and is dedicated to helping those who “don’t want to be defined by others.”

There is a nine-step guide on how you should preserve a skin art. You are advised to make a profile on NAPSA’s site. You will then be asked to write a tattoo will. NAPSA then recommends that you inform your close family and friends about your plans for a posthumous skin removal. This is to ensure they won’t freak out at the sight of your removed and framed skin art.


When you pass away, your “Final Wish Beneficiary”, the one who will receive your immortalized tattoos will need to give NAPSA 18 hours’ notice. They will receive a preservation kit, which contains instructions and tools to safely recover, temporarily preserve and ship your tattoo to NAPSA, which should be mailed overnight.

After NAPSA receives the preserved inked skin, they will send your family a stunning, non-decaying piece of your skin placed in an ornate frame three to six months later.

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