Contemporary collage art, as many fans of the famed Saatchi Gallery know, is trending now online at the gallery’s wonderfully entertaining website. In fact, the current display of collage creations – that some have dubbed “weird assemblage artworks” – is yet another great example of why the Saatchi Gallery remains on the cutting edge of today’s art scene. The gallery is credited with presenting innovative art from young and international artists whose work is not often on exhibit in the UK and elsewhere.

Collage art breaks glass ceiling

Imagine a primetime art exhibit dedicated to the art of collage? While many traditionalists may frown at such an idea – due to the fact that collage art is still a fairly newly discovered art form – collage art is hugely popular today. In fact, the popularity is due to the creative techniques exhibited by dozens of featured collage artists who are now featured both online and on display at the Saatchi Gallery.

For instance, the collage artists displaying their creations at Saatchi include:

  • An artwork titled “Intuition” by American artist Brandi Strickland who says she creates “small-scale works of art using techniques of hand-cut collage, painting & drawing.”
  • An artwork titled “Death like a slice of bread” by the trendy Polish artist Nestow Sakachzbia that mirrors this earnest artist who blends the past with the present in stunning political-theme creations.
  • “Disjointed” by Mary Roucefield of the UK in which she explains this collage art as being something very special.

In general, the many other collage artists displaying their unique art form at the Saatchi Gallery are part of this new breed that is dedicated to frisky and free expression of various themes that are not usually expressed in contemporary art. Also, there are many art fans who fancy buying assemblage artworks at Saatchi because it offers true cutting edge art.

Michael Foulkrod

Michael Foulkrod

A gallery for all people & artists

Another aspect of this current collage art on display at the Saatchi Gallery is linked to the gallery’s own mission statement that aims to bring wonderful art to “the widest audience possible.” In turn, the gallery is credited with offering space for its online artist to both show and sell their on a commission free basis.

The Saatchi Gallery does this by featuring a rotating selection of winning artists that compete in various competitions. For example, there are numerous testimonials online about the very satisfying Saatchi online magazine and this innovative art forum that allows contemporary artist to share their creations at a time when many young and international artists have no real outlet or opportunity to have their art be seen by the general public.

Collage technique celebrated

Who but the Saatchi Gallery would celebrate the somewhat strange art form known as collage art, say fans of this art appreciation organization when commenting online about their favorite modern art gallery. In fact, the experts who study and specialize in contemporary collage fair think the various polysemic images and other ways and means artists create collage is something that the general public is not usually exposed to simply because “it is so different.”

Overall, the Saatchi Gallery is all about artistic creation, and this collage exhibit is just another in a long line of brilliant accomplishments that art fans truly appreciate.

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