There are jobs that you like, others that you endure and a few in which the only thing that goes through your head is: “you have to do that in order to eat”. Well, regardless of your work, those who have these jobs from the list will tell you to take off. Don’t you believe me? Well check it out yourself.

Crazy Employee

Crazy Employee

1. Portable toilet waste collector

Yes, the smell is not pleasant but the worst thing to do is to connect the hose from the tank to the truck. What’s more if it is clogged and occupied you have to put pressure to the hose to unclog it.

2. Fish counter

For seven months you have to sit 8 hours per day at the river bank and press the button on an electronic counter every time you see a salmon. Definitely, concentration and observation are the qualities that you must have in order to succeed in this job.

3. Drain opener

It is man against the pipes. His main weapon is a special suit that frees him from the unpleasant odors. Of course it protects him from direct exposure to rats and other insects.

4. Body sniffer

If they didn’t exist we wouldn’t know the effectiveness of products such as deodorants and others that you use on the skin. These workers face the difficult task of smelling the skin of those who have sweated a lot during the day or since leaving home they hadn’t used the product.



5. Gas tasters

It’s not a joke. In order to determine serious stomach ailments a gastroenterologist and  physician from Minneapolis, United States fed beans for several days to a few volunteers. Then, encapsulated gases released into test tubes for analysis and determined the effects  through chemical tests, obviously with the help of a great team.

6. Buckingham Palace Guard

It is stressful for sure. Think about it for a moment. To remain standing and static for many hours a day, not to smile at any time no matter what happens, to look impeccable and with the risk of receiving a severe punishment in case of breaking any of the above points.

7. Chewing gum cleaner

You throw them, they clean them. Their main tool consists of a spatula. If these people did not exist there would be millions of chewing gums on the soil of the whole planet.

8. Excrement analyst

There are 19 people responsible for checking the effectiveness of the products of Techlab, dedicated to manufacture tools for the analysis of feces. So, they take a little bit of human excrement and check the quality of the products.

9. Actor in a haunted house

Putting on makeup that affects your skin, using disguises and uncomfortable clothes and waiting for the reaction of visitors, hits, screams, etc. You will always have aspirins in your medicine cabinet.

10. Dead animal collector

They are assigned by the government to clear the main roads of the country of dead animals.

But it’s better to work than steal, don’t you think?

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