The online gaming industry is a booming entity, with a grand total of approximately 20 million players having spent 17 billion hours on Xbox Live. The decision of Microsoft to expand this platform’s online network has proved extremely profitable, while also helping the Xbox to make a successful transition into the world of online gaming. With the online gaming market worth an estimated $15 billion in 2010, it makes sense that developers should also have looked to capitalise by releasing a host of unique and unusual accessories.

Gaming today

Gaming today

3 of the Weirdest Gaming Gadgets for 2014

With this in mind, it is worth considering the gaming gadget market and some identifying the most unusual product releases in 2014. These include: –

  1. The AFGT Gaming Device

The majority of contemporary gaming accessories have been designed with a clear goal mind, most notably the enhancement of the overall gaming experience. The drive to help users enhance and customise their own unique gaming experience has triggered a series of innovations in the market, including the stylish and unusually designed AFGT device. This is essentially a sleek keyboard that has been designed to make gaming more enjoyable for each individual player, specifically by offering tactile feedback that has been carefully tailored. It has been manufactured from touch sensitive silicon, meaning that is easy to use and particularly responsive.

  1. The Massaging Controller

In terms of weird and unique gadgets, the massaging controller is perhaps the most impressive. The ‘Massage Me’ device essentially boosts the level of interaction between gamers in an unusual manner, as it translates button presses into alternative massage technique. So while one user engages in game play and operates the controller as normal, the second player sits in a harness and feels the benefit of variable massage techniques. This is arguably the most novel and unusual gadget on the consumer market, and one that also has considerable functionality for gamers.

Massaging Controller

Massaging Controller

  1. The Flappybird Control Pad

While it has not been released to the market, the flappybird control pad is part of Google’s much vaunted Project Ara. It is a modular device that can be easily connected or disconnected to a smartphone, and has the capacity to create a more interactive gaming experience for all mobile players. For individuals who regularly enjoy Royal Vegas casino games or similar activities through their mobile, this represents an innovative and convenient product that can make gaming far more accessible.

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