In the past, there had been reports of criminals doing bizarre and memorable things that got them arrested and jailed. This week, two felons were separately arrested for the weird things they did.

The woman who tried chewing on crack cocaine while being arrested

Coffee County deputies saw 48-year-old Linda Blank walking on foot and stopped her. It was unclear, however, why she was accosted. But after officers did a quick research, they found out she was wanted on a probation violation and has a bench warrant for shoplifting.

What followed after the police tried to arrest Blank baffled them, as authorities claim she tried to chew up a small amount of cocaine. Luckily, the deputies were able to stop the woman from ingesting the drugs. They then proceeded to charge her with illegal possession. Just like any arrest, Blank’s mugshot was taken at the Coffee County Jail. It was something that not everyone will forget.


The creepy guy who chewed off his fingerprints to avoid jailtime

In Florida, a man was suspected of carnapping a Mercedes-Benz. What he did to avoid arrest is what’s so creepy about him. The man chewed off the tips of his fingers in the hopes of not being fingerprinted and accused of the crime.

Twenty-year-old Kenzo Roberts was arrested last Thursday after police officers for Lee County Sheriff’s Office saw the 2015 Mercedes that was reported stolen. Investigators also discovered that Roberts was using a fake ID and was carrying a concealed firearm and three fraudulent credit cards.

A strange video of Roberts while waiting inside the back of a patrol show him gnawing at his fingerprints to avoid getting fingerprinted and sent to jail. He could also be seen swallowing the flesh and rubbing his hands against the cage.


Unfortunately for Roberts, his desperate moves didn’t work. When county officers scanned his fingerprints, they found out he has two warrants for an aggravated arrest armed with a deadly weapon. They also discovered that he is an illegal alien, prompting the police to contact Border Patrol.

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