When eating takes a different turn

They say you are what you eat. But what does that make you if a bottle, live frogs and batteries are found in your stomach? What some humans eat to satisfy their unusual appetite would leave anyone bemused or disgusted. Some people, however, just simply ate the wrong thing at the wrong time.

He who eats live frogs lives long

That initial statement wasn’t a joke. A man in China really eats live frogs and, in some occasions, rats. Okay, make that swallow, because he doesn’t actually munch them bit by bit, but gulp them whole. Strange enough, Yang Dingcai claims that swallowing live frogs and rats for over 40 years helped him avoid intestinal issues. Freak of nature, maybe?

If you can’t throw it, eat it

Identified as a terrorist, the man who swallowed a hand grenade probably dreamed of becoming a suicide bomber. It was just unfortunate that he chose the wrong weapon. He would have died instantly if he pulled out the key before swallowing the grenade. The alternative, however, is quite hilarious, since there’s no way of detonating it now that it’s in his stomach.


Taking the wares out of the kitchen

Kitchenware is used to prepare food, but this woman found the cutlery more appetizing than the dishes itself. So she proceeded to eat a total of over 70 spoons and forks. It’s a good thing she didn’t crave the taste of knives so much.

Proposal gone wrong

This is exactly why engagement rings shouldn’t be hidden in food. A man wanted to surprise his girlfriend by hiding an engagement ring in her frosty. This is probably just a case of choosing the wrong food, but the poor girl ended up swallowing the ring, and the boyfriend had to take her to the hospital for a surgery. Talk about a surprising turn of events for the “supriser”. Appetites vary from one person to another, but others take their craving up a really bizarre notch.


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