Lots of people would love to read or hear stories that are weird or unusual. In fact, these types of content are gaining popularity because more and more people are getting fond of the unusual stuff. Issues such as these become trending topics around the world. In fact, with the proliferation of social media devices and apps, getting weird news from all over the planet has become so much easier.

According to sources, most of the people who believe in these things are the smart ones. Some of the things that they put their attention to include extra-terrestrial abductions, ghosts, mind reading, past life, and many others. Perhaps it is just a matter of choice or simply just as entertaining as other genres.

People Want It to Affect Them


An author of a book published by the Oxford University Press stated that people want to experience gore or horror because they want to be frightened. He added that it is the choice of many readers or viewers because they want the story to have an impact on their lives.

Readers Love Suspenseful Content

Movies that are full of suspense can also make a big hit for people who love them. So even how terrifying the scenes are, viewers are still able to take it. This is due to the fact that viewers are able to pay attention regardless if they care less or much so that they can control the emotional or whatever effects the movie has on them.

It Is in the Brain


A neuroscientist at New York University claims that the human brain enables people to have the ability to worry unlike other animals do. Fear, according to him, is not just a biological reaction but an emotion taken from evolutionary factors and newly discovered cautions. So when watching or reading scary stories, a person can connect to his or her hardwired fears just by thinking of that particular frightening situation.

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