Perth is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was once voted by U.S. astronauts as the “City of Lights” because of how beautifully the lights shone when the spacecraft passed over the Earth. However, there are 10 even more interesting facts about Perth that make it the city to visit in Australia.

Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

1.  Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world.

The closest city with a population over one million residents is Adelaide, but Adelaide is 2104 kilometres away. In fact, the population of the greater Perth area is larger than the combined populations of the states of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and South Australia, west of Adelaide.

2.  The city airport is located in the central business district.

Perth is the only city where the airport is located in the centre of the city’s economic affairs. Other world airports are located on the outskirts of the major cities they serve, but the airport in Perth is right in the middle of the city.

3.  The oldest operating mint in the world is the Perth Mint

For a dose of the history of money, visiting the Perth Mint is a good start. The world’s oldest operating mint, the Perth Mint is a pinnacle of the city’s thriving economy. Visitors can take a tour and watch molten gold and silver being poured into moulds for coins and bars.

4.  Surfers Can Surf the Margaret River

While most surfers are out on the open ocean, the Margaret River region offers some of the largest and most consistent surfing waves in the world.

5.  Prior to being named Perth, the city was known as Boorloo

Boorloo was part of the larger tribal lands that were occupied by the aboriginal group known as Noongar (The People). When settlements began to spring up in the area, the greater city was renamed Perth.

6.  Perth is also the sunniest capital in the world.

While not associated with its isolation, Perth is the sunniest capital in the world. The city enjoys an average of eight hours of sunshine per day.

7.  Perth Is Home To the Highest Percentage of Self-Made Millionaires

The mining industry in Perth has allowed for many people to make themselves into millionaires through the mining industry and supporting businesses. Based on population, the mining industry has made more people in Perth millionaires than any other place in the world.

8.  The world’s largest inner-city park is King’s Park

Even larger than Manhattan’s Central Park, King’s Park in Perth is the largest inner-city park in the world.

9.  Perth Has the Most Consistent Wind of Any Capital City in the World

Due, in part, to its isolation, Perth has the most consistent wind of any capital city in the world. The wind blows through the city easily because of the opening landscape and design of the metropolitan area.

10. Burswood Island Has Its Own Casino and Hotel

Crown Perth is Burswood Island’s own 24-hour casino and hotel complex. With two hotels, the casino, many restaurants, convention center, theatre, nightclub, and indoor arena, Crown Perth is the entertainment center of the city.

The many facets of Perth make it the city to visit when in Australia.

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