Do you ever wonder about the mundane things in life? Like what would happen if you watch TV for long hours, falling out of bed, and eat a lot of hotdogs? The thing is, the world is dangerous place in ways you wouldn’t expect it would. Here are just some of those everyday things that will surely make you feel terrified.

Watching TV is bad for your health in so many ways


Do you want to get fat, lower your chance of pregnancy, or perhaps shorten your life? Simply grab the remote control and spend several hours a day watching TV. Sitting around too much makes you gain weight, not to mention the advertisements you see on television may increase your intake of unhealthy food products. And here’s something no TV-loving guy would want to hear, men who watch television for more than 20 hours per week may experience reduced sperm count by 44% due to inactivity.

Birds and planes equals disaster

Did you know that it only takes a small bird to bring down a plane? We’ve heard on the news about missiles hitting planes, but this happens very rarely. But birds colliding planes and causing air accidents, we can count several dozens. In the UK alone, the Civil Aviation Authority reported 1,535 cases of birds being sucked in plane engines, resulting in emergency landing and, in some unfortunate cases, serious accidents that cost some lives.


Bathtubs kill more people than guns

Did you know that more children die of bathtub drownings than accidental shootings? A report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission showed that between 2006 and 2010, a total of 303 children below five years died in bathtubs. In Japan, the Ministry of Health estimated that 14,000 people die every year in bathtubs — the number is noted to be three times higher than those who died in car accidents. Most of the incidents were attributed to drowning, heart attacks, heart palpitations, and subarachnoid haemorrhage, according to Japan’s local newspaper Mainichi.