As you have probably noticed, some videos stand out a lot more compared to others – and are somehow able to grab peoples’ attention and attract their interest. That quality is something that you probably want to emulate in your own videos, but it is easier said than done.

The truth is that there are numerous elements that can set a particular video apart from others so that people gravitate towards it. In fact sometimes it is the cumulative effect of numerous little things pulling together that make a video stand out.

If you’d like to start making your videos stand out more however, it is best to focus on some of those things:

  • The angle is everything

Every video has an angle in terms of its topic, visual style, camera work, and message. One of the best ways to start making your video stand out is to try to find a unique angle for it.

When it comes to angle, it is all about how you frame the video. For example if your video is about a popular topic that has been covered by hundreds or thousands of other videos, you could frame it from a different viewpoint. If other videos use live camera footage, you could use animation.

  • Leverage trends

Video trends are important and can make a world of difference. At times those trends could help you to develop topics that stand out more, or could give you a way to present a particular topic in a way that is more likely to attract attention.

One good example of this is the current trend involving live videos and social media. Live video streams automatically stand out more on Facebook and other social media platforms, and you should leverage that fact to the benefit of your videos.

  • Concentrate on first impressions

The first things that people see of your video are often not the video itself, but the title and preview image. In other words if you want your video to stand out – both those elements absolutely have to stand out too.

As you can imagine the effect of both these elements will vary based on the platform you’re using, but as a general rule any elements that contribute to the first impression of viewers will be important.

Aside from the ways discussed above, post-processing will play an important role in making sure that your videos look impressive enough to distinguish themselves from others. By using a powerful editor such as Movavi Video Editor, you can improve the quality of your video, apply filters, tidy up the audio, add captions, and perform other alterations. In fact you can even use special effects such as slow motion by following the instructions at

In short Movavi Video Editor will let you compile your video, edit and improve it so that it looks more unique and professional. Although video editing is widely regarded as being complicated, its user-friendly approach will ensure that you don’t need any prior experience to process and come up with videos that stand out.