Since time immemorial, man has come up with different inventions to improve the lives of people and inventors in many parts of the world have contributed to this with the use of technology. Japan, for one, has been known to always be ahead over others when it comes to innovation. While there are many useful and state-of-the-art inventions we are enjoying today, there are also some which might be functional but odd.

Here are some pieces you will find weird, if not funny:

  1. Easy Ear Explorer and Ear Enhancer

These items are available online which originated from Japan. Designed mainly for the ears, the ear explorer is used to check on one’s ears and see if there is obstruction or just have a view of the ear with the use of pen-like device attached to a tube that serves as the viewer. The ear enhancer, on the other hand, is worn to enhance one’s hearing. What is weird about the first item is that when using this, it seems like you are inserting a cable into your ear while the second one is like a headset with two silver bowls as the speakers.


  1. The Boyfriend Body Pillow

Created for women who do not want to sleep alone and who miss their boyfriends or husbands, this pillow is designed with an arm that gives a woman the feeling that she is sleeping with the arm of her man. This basically looks like a torso with a soft arm wearing a shirt. Not only does this seem odd but this invention can somehow give you the creeps.


  1. Grass Flip Flops

You might have heard shoes made of glass but footwear with grass is something new and weird. There are people who love the feel of the grass on the soles of their feet. With this invention, you do not need to walk barefoot to feel the grass because these flip flops are designed with synthetic grass and when worn, you feel the comfort of underneath your feet.

Of the thousands of inventions made by man, there will definitely be items that are interestingly weird. And the weirder thing is that there will be people who spend money on them.