There’s the weird, there’s the wonderful – and there’s the world of tech, where miracles happen all the time and nobody bats an eyelid.

We’ve been wowed by the technological revolution so often that the shock of the new no longer applies. Now, when we’re shown a hoverboard or a man being flown into space, we shrug our collective shoulders and say, “Yeah, makes sense.”

So let’s take a step back for a moment and consider some of the modern technological marvels that we’ve witnessed over the past decade. Most of them are so commonplace nowadays that it’s just plain weird.

Online learning

It wasn’t so long ago that, like cavemen, we had to trudge to a university to gain a degree, or else go through the bother of learning via snail mail.

But those grisly days are behind us, and now we can sign up to an online degree course in a matter of minutes.

These courses can teach us everything, from advanced leadership techniques to military first aid to a finer appreciation of the works of Shakespeare.

And we can do all of this from the comfort of our living rooms, possibly with a new Netflix box set on in the background. Isn’t that amazing?

Understanding the human genome

In the nineties, the idea of understanding the human genome was the stuff of science fiction. But scientists have been chipping away at this mystery for decades, and they came up trumps at the start of the millennium.

Nowadays, we know more about the human genome than we ever did, and soon we could be using that knowledge to create medicine which is ‘made to order’ for specific people.

Pretty soon we’ll be accepting these discoveries as though they had always existed, but right now they feel like a little bit of magic.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been popularly available for years, but usually with disastrous consequences. There was the Virtual Boy from Nintendo, which gave people major migraines and increased risk of epilepsy (It was taken off the market very quickly).

But in 2018, virtual reality is readily available in any game shop you care to mention – and it more than lives up to its promises.

You can traverse underwater landscapes, take your first steps on the moon, or be stalked by zombies through a terrifying house. This is the future of gaming, and it’s incredibly exciting.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses never enjoyed the success that it perhaps should have. The glasses, which augmented your sight to allow you to access mobile features in the literal blink of an eye, was miraculous for its time and, if it had been given the chance, could have changed the way we interact with landscapes.

The technology powering it has, however, excelled, with games like Pokemon Go making great use of it to project virtual pets into the real world.

All of these technological progressions seem pretty mind-boggling to us. Can you think of any others? Then let us know in the comments below!

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