Whether it is out of passion, financial crisis or sheer luck, people land in jobs that most would not dare dream of doing. While these can be odd to some, for others, these are tasks they need to accomplish. Let’s look at the craziest jobs not all people can imagine getting into.

  1. Odour Tester

Hired by deodorant manufacturers, these testers smell armpits for a living. While this can seem weird or even gross for some, this is an important responsibility. These people will be the ones to determine if the deodorants produced by these manufacturers are effective. In the end, consumers are the ones who will benefit from this.


  1. Horrible Stunt Tester

Are you a fan of television shows in which guests are challenged to do stunts like eating live insects and lying in a coffin full of mice? Did you ever wonder how sure are the producers these stunts will be safe? It’s because there are people who do these challenges first to check for safety. The hard part is, there is no way of telling if these stunts are really safe in the first place.

  1. Worm Picker

If you are not scared of worms, this might be a job you can do. People with this kind of job pick worms at night in the mud or wet soil to sell them to fishermen who use worms as bait. These worms can also be used in reality shows where challengers have to accomplish challenges, including being covered with worms.


  1. Bicycle Fishers

In Amsterdam, there are people who fish for bicycles from canals. One of the reasons why there are about 150,000 water-soaked bicycles in these canals is that they used to be sewage systems back in the days. Moreover, there are about 2 million people who use bicycles as a means of transportation. This makes this job a lucrative one.