When you want funky and fresh home décor ideas you need to to take your brain to another dimension.

And the awesome arena of avant-garde art blows celebrity fashion mags out of the water when it comes to creativity.

If an unplumbed urinal sounds like the perfect conversation-piece you’ll love these five home décor hacks from the world’s weirdest artists.

Dali delights

The former home of wacky surrealist Salvador Dali is chock-a-block with outrageous furniture and eccentric statues.

His Mae West room combines gold sculptures and a luscious-lips settee to pay homage to the blonde bombshell actress.

And if the thought of curling up on a set of smackers tickles your fancy you’ll find Dali-inspired sofas  online from firms like Fabulous Furniture.

Brilliant Banksy

Graffiti god Banksy has been frustrating council clean-up crews and courting controversy for years.

And his Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem fuses outrageous art with international politics.

A stuffed monkey bellboy greets guests to the freaky hotel that features an interactive bar and dining room walls decorated with mounted security cameras.

You don’t need to follow a star to Bethlehem to grab a slice of his art action though — a Banksy print will brighten up your home and boost your street cred to boot.

Glorious Grayson

Grayson Perry found time between donning delightful frocks and creating scandalous sculptures to build a fairy-tale home in rural Essex.

And the gingerbread house with green tiles and gold roof has been rented to lucky fans desperate to experience one of the world’s most unique living spaces.

Grayson says ‘beauty is very much about familiarity’ — if you admire his knack for making familiar objects unique, The Mat Factory creates brilliant bespoke welcome mats emblazoned with your own arty mottos.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh is one of the most talented artists to have walked the earth.

And one of the weirdest — when he wasn’t cutting off his ear he was quaffing absinthe by the caseload.

Thanks to Airbnb you can now stay in a real-life recreation of his Bedroom in Arles masterpiece and soak up quirky ideas for your own home.

Eccentric Emin

If you’re yearning for bombastic home décor on a basement budget look no further than Tracey Emin.

Her most famous art installation is (to the untrained eye) an unmade bed complete with stained sheets and a pair of sad slippers.

Tracey’s bed was sold for a cool £2.5 million in 2014.

But don’t despair — you can recreate her edgy vibe for a fraction of the price by splashing beer across your sheets and replacing pillows with a pair of cold kebabs.

Follow these five home décor hacks from the world’s weirdest artists and you’ll freak out friends and fascinate visitors.

What’s the weirdest thing about your home décor? Share your stories in the comments below.

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