No matter how many times the physics of airplane travel are explained, there’s still something otherworldly about taking off in a plane that weights hundreds of tons. And if you still get a thrill from jetting off on a vacay or business trip, there’s a good chance that the buzz of the airport ramps up your anticipation before you even set foot on your craft. Airports are unique spaces where cutting edge technology meets human desires and dreams to create a heady ambience. Airports are unique spaces where cutting edge technology meets human desires and dreams to create a heady ambience. All said, it’s no wonder that many of these terrific transport hubs are unusual and unique – let’s take a look at five of the world’s weirdest airports in the US.

  • Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport

Copalis State Airport is wedged between
Copalis River to the south and Copalis rocks to the south, on a scenic stretch
of coastal land in Grays Harbor County in Washington State.

At first glance, Georgia’s Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport isn’t too dissimilar from any other busy US base. But what makes it weird are the twin graves embedded in Savannah’s runway 10. They’re the final resting places of pioneering farming couple Catherine and Richard Dotson, who died in 1877 and 1884 respectively and originally owned the land long before air travel was invented.

  • Copalis State Airport

It’s weird (and rather cool) because the 3500 foot launch and landing pad is the only beach runway in America. The approach offers you stunning views of the coast, but don’t expect many amenities when you land – the airport consists of nothing more than a logbook, a windsock and a sign.

  • Alton Bay Seaplane Base
    and Ice Runway

You’ve probably already guessed what makes this US airport remarkable. That’s right – Alton Bay is a seaplane base in summer and a plowed ice runway in winter. Therefore be sure to take note of the season before you choose which type of craft to head for this amazing New Hampshire air hub in!

  •  Sky Harbor Airport, Anchorage, Alaska

When locals say that Sky Harbor Airport is bang in the middle of town, they’re not exaggerating – this establishment is cooperatively operated by residents and the runway literally bisects the residential settlement. What’s more, for extra convenience, many houses have small airport hangars which make it simple to back your plane onto the runway and take to the sky.

  • Denver International

Denver International Airport is probably more wonderful than weird – but it’s memorable because of its dynamic design aesthetic. Fentress Architects conceived its distinctive sculpted roof to simultaneously resemble the neighboring Rocky Mountains, the covered wagons of European settlers and the teepees of Native American Indians. The instantly iconic structure was soon heralded as a modern classic and sets Denver apart from the dismal design of some of its competitors.

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