A lot of people have second thoughts every time they enjoy a really cold glass of beer, as they fear its side effects, such as its alchohol or the fact that they are on a diet. As a result, they prefer wine to beer, for its health benefits. But how can you do that during the summer? Luckily for you, wine has found a worthy opponent in beer, even as far as health benefits are concerned. Read on to find out about the 5 reasons why you definitely have a glass of beer every day, whatever the type may be. Enjoy!

A nice cold one

A nice cold one

Drink beer to protect yourself against stroke

An American research has shown that those who consume beer have 50% less chances of suffering a stroke in the future. In particular, according to the Department of Health of the University of Harvard, people should drink normal quantities of beer daily to prevent formation of blood clots which in turn block the flow of blood to the heart and brain.

See? I told you so!

See? I told you so!

Drink beer to strengthen your bones

Have you ever imagined that beer actually strengthens our bones? And yet, thanks to the large amounts of silicon, beer is directly linked to bone health. because it improves bone density and skeletal strength. You have to pay attention though! If you want to benefit from the positive effects of beer on skeletal health, you have to keep it in a moderate consumption. Increased amounts of beer have the opposite effect.

Let's toast to skeletal strength

Let’s toast to skeletal strength

Drink beer to prevent prostate cancer

Drinking a glass of beer, you will benefit from its anti-cancer properties. The reason is that ypur beloved drink contains powerful antioxidants. A specific type of antioxidant that can be found on beer blocks the chemical process that leads to the development of prostate cancer in men. For our female readers, rejoice, as beer has the same benefits for women, with respect to breast cancer.

You have no reason to say no anymore

You have no reason to say no anymore

Drink beer to deal with dandruff

Is dandruff giving a hard time lately? Then you have to make a tactical beer-treat! The high content of vitamin B and yeast makes beer one of the best treatments. Wash your hair with a beer bottle two to three times a week and you will soon get rid of the annoying flakes. Beer still will make your hair more soft and shiny. But be careful to thoroughly rinse your head, otherwise the smell of beer stay wth you!

That's how you do it

That’s how you do it

Drink beer to hydrate your skin

If you are one of those who drink lots of water after a workout, you may consider having a beer instead. It will hydrate you even better! Beer hydrates the skin from the inside out. This is due to the carbonate that beer has, which helps to satisfy your thirst better. Historians say that ancient Egyptians bathed in beer for optimal hydration of their skin. Also, the high water content of beer helps to detoxify the body through the skin.

He knows what he's doing

He knows what he’s doing

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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