If you want to have a go at making your own horror movie, then there are many techniques that you can use.  Making an amateur movie is a great way for those wanting to pursue a career in movie making to gain experience. With the right script and equipment, you can make a convincing horror movie that is sure to impress.

The first thing you will need to decide is how much you can spend on your horror movie. Your budget is not likely to be high, so bear this in mind when it comes to deciding what type of horror story to create. You can still produce a convincing horror movie on a tight budget if you have a good story and use the right techniques. Try to stick to one main location for your movie if you can, as this will save on travelling costs.

Scripting and cast members

Make your script convincing and different. Avoid putting in to too many horror story clichés and try to create something a little more original. A horror story does not need to contain lots of blood and gore to be effective. Horror films contain many genres and themes in themselves, such as slasher films, psychological horror, thrillers, supernatural, vampires and zombies. Decide which type would work best with your budget.

Once you have your script, you will need a cast. It may be worth spending a little more to find good actors that will help your script come to life. Choose actors that will be able to relate to your characters and play them well. If your budget is tight, then consider asking friends or family to be part of the movie. Schedule a few read-through sessions at your home so that you can discuss the script and see how well your actors connect with their characters.

Making a movie

Making a movie

Equipment and props

The next step is to start gathering the equipment you will need to make the movie. Use a handheld video camera rather than shooting on film, as this will be more suitable for your budget. Have a look at different video cameras to help you decide which one you can afford. A video camera will enable you to start shooting your movie whenever you want and will make it much easier to edit your movie.

Next, you will need to think about any make-up or effects that you will need for your horror movie. If your movie is going to be very gory, then items such as fake blood are easy to find. You can create fake intestines by mixing items such as spaghetti and sausage casings together. Items such as fake fingers, fake severed hands and bones are all easily accessible. If you are experienced with make-up or know someone who works as a make-up artist, then you can use these skills to create realistic looking cuts, gashes, bruises and other horror-related injuries.

Once you have your shooting equipment and movie props, you can begin making your movie. Work out a filming schedule for you and your cast. Arranging a meeting will enable you to discuss times with them. You may want to arrange another read-through of the script or do a rehearsal shoot first. Decide when the best times are to shoot your movie. If your horror movie is going to take place mainly at night, then make sure your cast will be available for late-night filming.

Post-production tips and ideas

After you have shot your movie, you can begin editing it. This process will include adding music and sound effects that will help to make your movie more realistic and atmospheric. You may wish to add typical horror movie sounds such as screams. There are video editing programs that you can use to make changes to your movie. If you are a beginner, then you could consider asking someone to edit your movie for you, but this may add to your budget if they are professional.

Now that your movie is shot and edited, you can start looking at ways to promote it. One of the main benefits of making an amateur movie these days is that there are plenty of ways to get it noticed. You can use social networking sites to make people aware of your movie and get them to spread the word or even provide people with a sneak peek on a website such as YouTube to generate interest.

With the right script, cast and equipment, you can create a convincing horror movie that is sure to stick in people’s minds, without the need for a big budget.

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