There is no question that Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. In countries where the game has been launched, players are going crazy over catching creatures and becoming a Pokémon master, while those who are still waiting for the app to be launched in their area are putting a lot of pressure on Niantic and their mobile providers to release the game asap.

The Pokémon GO craze gets even crazier with weird events involving players of the game happening all over the globe.

Quitting Jobs to Play Pokémon GO Professionally


A barista/bar tender from New Zealand and a teacher from London have given up their current jobs so they can play Pokémon GO full time. The former is Tom Currie, who said he wants to go on a break and an adventure by taking a two-month trip around New Zealand to capture the missing creatures from his collection. So far he has 90 Pokémon. The latter is Sophia Pedraza, and she wants to collect the most powerful Pokémon then sell the accounts online on eBay.

Finding a Naked Woman Instead of a Pokémon

In Connecticut, a pair of players was tracking a Pokémon and were led to a church prayer garden where they found an unexpected creature—a naked woman who was vandalizing a statue of the Virgin Mary! The woman also littered garbage, tampered with lights, and flipped benches.

 Being Captured by Police While Capturing Pokémon


A man who was trying to catch Pokémon outside a police station in Michigan ended up being arrested. It turned out, William Wilcox had an outstanding arrest warrant. Officers in the station identified him from a rap sheet for receiving stolen property in 2014. Just when he was about to catch a creature at the flagpole, police took Wilcox into custody.