With technological advancements happening at a really fast pace, it is expected that some creations and innovations turn out to be more weird than normal. But there are cases when good technology is used for bizarre reasons.

Drug mules literally flying high

Smuggling drugs all over the world is nothing new, more so with the way it is done, which runs from the odd to the painful. In 2014, however, smugglers learned to embrace technology and used drones to make deliveries. What’s more bad rep attached to the controversial unmanned aerial vehicles, right? Well, business would have been good if the drone didn’t crash at a maximum security facility.


Smartphone is the new status symbol

According to a study conducted by researchers in the University of Würzburg in Germany, men who are single and not committed to anyone tend to buy more expensive and high-end smartphones. Apparently, the pricey gadgets convey a message that he can afford to provide for potential partners, making the phone a part of men’s short-term mating methods. Do women fall for it? Regardless, a smartphone is less expensive than cars, which should make men breathe easy.


Computer-guided tattoo machine

Imagine a tattoo machine that can ink a skin based on a design fed through a computer. It can be likened to a printer that printouts images or text with great precision. Oh wait, this particular tattoo machine that made the headlines is actually a 3D printer that a group of French design students hacked to turn into their very own computer-aided tattoo machine. Considering the capabilities of a 3D printer, there is no question of what this type of device can do to the tattoo industry.

With technology constantly changing, weirder tech news are likely to pop up come 2015. Good. Because then, we’ll have something to look forward to.

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