They say that you haven’t really “been” to a place without experiencing their gastronomic delights – and yes, that includes tasting food you made of ingredients you wouldn’t normally eat. How would you feel about eating fried brains? How about sampling some drunken shrimp? Are you brave enough to taste puffin hearts? If you are, welcome to the wild, wacky world of food where the aforementioned are delicacies.

That said, here are some of the strangest food you’ll ever meet – and yes, if you’ve got the balls (or guts or whatever), do try them if you happen to be in the same locale. Who knows? It may very well surprise you.

Fried Brain Sandwich 


In the central part of the United States, this was a major delicacy until the threat of mad cow disease was of major concern. Well, that was when serving brain from a cow was still considered legal. Although it still is, you cannot be served brain from a cow that is more than 30 months old.


Now that name may have a certain ring to it, right? But would you be willing to scoop some ant larvae into your mouth? Apparently, escamole is ant larvae that was harvested from the roots of the agave plant. This dish is a delicacy in Mexico and is referred to as “insect caviar.”


Drunken Shrimp 

“How would you like your shrimp?”

“Raw but smothered in alcohol.”

Yes, that is a thing in some parts of China. Normally, you cook shrimp before you eat them. And you can also use alcohol when cooking these days. But when it comes to drunken shrimp, you eat these babies raw and smothered in strong liquor.

This is but a sampling of the many weird and wonderful culinary delights you can sample across the world. So, make it a habit to do some research on Google for some strange food before you travel. It could make the difference in your trip.

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