Nissan has touted its Versa Note as one of the safer vehicles out on the roads today. With features such as blind spot monitoring, moving object detection and lane departure warning, it’s an automobile that every parent will want to buy for their beloved child. But the Japanese automaker has seemingly not felt like this has not been highlighted enough for the world to appreciate. So, they decided to put their car inside a giant ZORB and send it rolling down the hill at a speed of 20 miles per hour.

Zo-what, you ask? ZORB. Zorbing is a recreational activity where a person (or, in this case, an object) is put inside a giant inflatable ball and sent rolling down the slope. It’s something common in water parks and sometimes, beach resorts.

Lander Zorbing

Not Your Normal ZORB

However, the ZORB used for Nissan’s Versa Note isn’t any normal ZORB. British engineers have spent 2 long months creating the inflatable bubble sizing 6-meters in diameter and weighing a metric ton. The development project was completed in a top secret military training facility in United Kingdom. The CarZorb, as many have called the device, is composed of 2 inflatable layers that shield the Nissan Versa Note from outside dangers as it is made to roll down the steep hills of Sunderland.


The Why

Apparently, Nissan called for the use of the CarZorb as a means to highlight the safety technology their automobile has to offer. According to Bastien Schupp, Nissan’s Marketing Vice President, the Versa Note has been engineered to offer motorists a wide range of technology geared to protect them and their cars. The life-size plastic bubble has been made to represent and memorably show people the benefits of their product’s Safety Shield Technology.

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