Company culture has been around since the early beginnings of industry, but we just never coined it with a name as such back then. We simply adopted the company practices and processes that had been instilled and found to work well for that individual business.

Developing a positive company culture is still seen as an important task, especially as employees joining a new company will fully expect there to be a company culture established that they will need to integrate with. Whether it is in your company culture for your staff to behave conservatively and act businesslike on every level, or you encourage a more relaxed and casual approach where everyone is treated as part of a team, developing a culture that fits with your company ethos and core values is going to be important for your future success.

A great example of the changing face of company culture would be the culture that Evernote has been building since their inception. Their idea of having a flat structure with their workforce, so even though they do employ managers with some more senior duties to perform, they very much keep the workplace as a level playing field. There are no visible signs of status in their office, and this is because company didn’t want to create any ‘artificial barriers’ between their staff, regardless of their individual roles and responsibilities.

At, we understand how important your company culture is for your business, and this is why we take the time to get to know you and learn about your company so that we can seamlessly tailor our services to suit your company culture and fit in, just like one of your own staff members.

We can answer your call with a company greeting of your choosing, and can even answer with an appropriate tone of voice that perfectly matches with your company culture. So for example, if you prefer a very formal businesslike approach, we can answer your incoming business phone calls with a more formal, professionally scripted greeting and tone of voice. Should you prefer something more laid-back, relaxed and friendly, we can answer your calls with a very bright and welcoming tone of voice using a greeting of your choice.

While all companies are trying their best to create and build a highly productive and successful business, there is no denying that their company culture is like their own fingerprint, each very different from another.