As another unpredictable British summer tails off, homeowners across the country are seeking ways to harness the last of the season’s rays …


… which is why an orangerie is the ideal addition to the discerning sun worshippers property.

Rather than setting up a deckchair and steadfastly refusing to move until the sun warms your pasty skin, invest in a contemporary design phenomenon that’ll leave your neighbours green with envy.

As the name suggests, an orangerie was traditionally used to house citrus trees, enabling them to survive through harsh winters.

From the 17th to the 19th centuries, these architectural marvels were all the rage in grand residences and their popularity is rapidly growing again with contemporary homeowners.

Designed to offer a cosy, enclosed feeling combined with reams of natural light, an orangerie is much like a conservatory, save for a few important differences.

Most obviously, the roofs in orangeries are less 75 per cent glazed, with not as much glass in the walls when compared to a traditional conservatory.

In addition, an orangerie will lock onto your home more like an extension, replete with brickwork that meshes with your current masonry to ensure it blends perfectly.

What they both have in common, however, is the space they create for you and your family to enjoy increased living room to relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors indoors.

Discover the Many Uses of an Orangerie

While you needn’t necessarily head to your local garden centre in the search for citrus trees for your orangerie, the versatility of such a space offers you a smorgasbord of living options.

Their usefulness is almost endless, with folk just like you using their orangerie for:

  • Adding to their kitchen or dining space.
  • An extra bedroom.
  • A light-filled home office.
  • A handy home gym.

Whatever you decide to use it for, opting for a high quality orangerie and the finest materials, it gives you the freedom to use the space all year round.

Not only that, but thanks to energy efficient glazing and the floods of natural light drenching your extension, you’re almost guaranteed to avoid forking out extra cash on expensive heating bills.

Quite simply, if you want to make your neighbours wildly jealous – just imagine Mrs Smith at number 43 shaking her fist in fury – an orangerie really is the last word in contemporary design.

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