Some of the most common items that are reported stolen to authorities include cash, cars, mobile phones, jewelries, etc. These don’t come as a surprise because these are valuable to people. But what if useless things like poop and semen are stolen? That would be crazy, right? But recent news prove that nowadays, anything can be stolen.


Thief took away a bag of dog poop.

In Des Moines, Iowa, police officers got a report around 4:45pm that said someone took a bag of dog poop. The suspect was said to have attempted to steal a truck parked outside one of the homes.

According to the complaint, the person who tried to steal the truck must have checked under the bed of the vehicle and grabbed what appeared to be as dog droppings.

No suspect has been identified yet, but the felon could be facing third-degree burglary charges.

$70,000 worth of bull semen has gone missing.

There was a farmer in Leroy, Minnesota who lost $70,000 worth of bull semen.

It was reported that the bull semen was placed a frozen canister filled with vials of the animal’s load and was kept in an unlock barn. The semen was believed to be valued at $300 to $1500 each vial.

Weness, the farm owner, said he can’t be sure when the load was stolen. He also said that the only time he remembers he and his hired help were away was the weekend of Easter Sunday.


Chief Deputy of the Mower Count Sheriff’s Office Mark May said in an interview: “There is a market for this, a lot of people bid on it or purchase it instead of transporting their animals to and from site. They can purchase this vial of bull semen and inseminate their cow and I guess it’s just a more reliable way to do it.”

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