It seems like dash cams are in the media headlines more than ever before. From catching drunk rideshare passengers on video to shots of amazingly close calls on the road, dash cams are getting it all. The following are some of the biggest headlines related to dash cams recently.

Uber Dash Cam Recordings

It seems like there’s a news headline every day involving Uber and dash cams.

The trend really started a few years ago when Benjamin Golden who was at the time a Taco Bell executive, was caught on video assaulting his Uber driver. He was recently sentenced to 60 days in jail for the attack.

There was also video of a driver who almost had a head-on collision in Pittsburgh, and there is a YouTube video compilation entitled “I Drive for Uber-Here Are Some of My Crazy Adventures,” which has attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers.

It seems like everywhere you turn you’ll find videos recorded from both Uber and Lyft drivers highlighting the people they transport on a daily or nightly basis.

Of course, with the popularity of these recording devices in rideshare cars, there’s likely to be an increasing focus on privacy laws as well.

Because of privacy concerns, many rideshare drivers have started putting up signs in their vehicles letting passengers know they’re being recorded.

Dash Cam Sales On the Rise

Another trending topic related to dash cams involves their growing popularity. According to a recent USA Today story, online searchers for dash cams have gone up three times.

According to Google’s 2018 Automotive Trends Report, customers want to feel like they’re protected when they’re on the road, including if they’re in an accident.

It’s expected that wholesale dash cam shipments will go up 20% from 2017.

Lawyers say that the increase in dash cams can be helpful if you’re in an accident. You have video proof of what happened, and it’s useful in criminal prosecutions and insurance purposes.

New Technology

Riding the dash cam popularity wave are new products being introduced to the market.

One is the Owl Car Cam, which films both inside and outside the car. This LTE-connected technology allows users to watch the live feed on the company’s companion app. Users can also save 20-second snippets to view later.

The Owl company describes the product as a security system because it detects break-ins and accidents.

Owl is also encouraging users to share the video they capture on social networks such as Facebook or YouTube. In fact, there’s an entire feature dedicated to social sharing. Users can let their Owl Car Cam know they want to save a certain moment, and then they can speak the phrase “Ok Presto.”

The 20-second clip is saved and can be revisited without having to go through a full 24 hours of video.

This feature might be helpful for people who want to join the ranks of everyone sharing their interesting or downright odd experiences recorded on dash cams. From meteors streaking across the sky, to crazy accidents that somehow miraculously leave drivers unscathed, it appears there are plenty of shareable moments being grabbed on dash cams.


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