There are many things that are are known to be contagious, such as a disease, a virus and even yawning and scratching can be so too. What is not known is that emotions can also be contagious and, as a matter of fact, there are 5 of them that can get really get to you.


Surveys in 2012 showed that just by looking at a stressful person, the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, rise significally. A similar research has shown that you can even smell it. When a person smells the imperceptible odor or sweat of a person is stressed, it automatically makes him alert, which in turn brings a stressful situation. This unconscious vigilance is what protects us from potentially dangerous situations.

Keep calm and stop stressing everyone around you!

Keep calm and stop stressing everyone around you!


It may seem strange and contradictory, but the truth is that loneliness can be contagious even without our realising it. Solitary individuals have worse behavior towards other people, which in turn will perpetuate negativity, thus creating a vicious and lonely circle. A lone man experiences specific behaviors and opinions that inevitably affect people that are associated with him.

Why be alone in world full of people?

Why be alone in world full of people?


Pheromones, known chemical substances released by the human body, in addition, can transmit the emotion of disgust. The smell of sweat is also to blame in this situation. The same happens with fear. The smell of sweat a person that is disgusted affects other people and it has a fairly protective function by preventing us from smelling something that has already disgusted someone else.

Who did that? It wasn't me this time!

Who did that? It wasn’t me this time!


Something that is pleasingly contagious is joy! When we talk about happiness, the transmissibility of its force is done in a very intense way. It is suffice to observe someone who looks at a happy person. Instantly and without noticing, we will experience the same feeling. Our feelings are transmitted quickly and unwittingly to others and the effect is quite strong, even though this whole contagion occurs initially at the level of the unconscious.

Because I'm happy...!

Because I’m happy…!

Negative thinking

If you thought that the negative way of thinking affects only the bad or the good mood, you’re wrong. If one tends to feel blue, the thing that affects us that they give us the same way of thinking. Surveys for students who lived in university outbreaks showed that the way of thinking, be it positive or negative, of a roommate affects directly the ways of thinking of the other. This trend is even associated with inadvertent imitating the behavior of the other, resulting in the adoption of the way of thinking of the other person.

Everything is not black or white

Everything is not black or white only

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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