If you are thinking or trying to get pregnant, you are most likely familiar with the standard advice, “Maintain a healthy weight. Go easy on the coffee and booze. And avoid stress.” However, there is a lot of many other things that may help boost your fertility, and they are not just some ordinary advice—they might seem weird for you! Heed the advice of ob-gyn at Shady Grove Fertility Center in Virginia, Shruti Malik.

Skipping the Spicy Tuna Rolls

Ocean-dwellers at the top of the food chain are known to have high levels of mercury contamination, which means you should avoid eating large predatory fish, such as shark, mackerel and swordfish. As stated by Malik, “And an accumulation of mercury in the bloodstream over time has been associated with infertility.” She added, “I tell women who are trying to conceive to avoid or limit consumption of those fish.”

Going Beyond Missionary

Are you familiar with the myth that doing the deed with your partner on top will result in optimal sperm placement? This is nonsense according to Malik, stating, “There’s no evidence that position has any effect on fertility.” This means you should go ahead and try whatever position you would feel right, as the important thing is, how often you are doing it. During your fertile window, Malik recommends having sex every one to two days, where the last two to three days of this period can offer you the greatest chances of getting pregnant.


Sleeping in Total Darkness

As you might know, artificial lights at night, such as the glow from the screen of your TV or iPad, would not only disrupt the quality of your sleep, but also interfere with your ability to conceive, according to studies published by “Fertility and Sterility”. As it turns out, late-night light exposure can suppress production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, which also plays an essential role in protecting a woman’s eggs from corrosive free radicals.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, you can also cut back on your long-distance runs (as it would burn out your engine) and switch your lube (as there are certain brands of lubricants that make it difficult for the sperm to reach the cervical canal. Though these are unconventional or might be new to us, they are definitely supported by facts!


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