When traveling in an RV, there are tons of things you can do that you simply can’t do by staying in a hotel. That’s why renting RVs has become so popular. It enables people to have the RV experience without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to buy an RV.

There are a lot of weird and cool things you can do while traveling in an RV, especially if you’re staying in the San Antonio area. Here are just four of them.

Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

Any major city has plenty of museums to visit, and San Antonio is different. But why visit history museums, art museums, and children’s museums when you can visit Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum!

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This museum is unique for a few different reasons. The first one is pretty obvious—it’s a museum of toilet seats! There are over 1,000 toilet seats that have been designed by hand.

The second is the fact that the museum is located in the artist’s garage. Just give him a call before stopping by and he’d be happy to let you in to take a peek at his creations.

Bracken Cave

If you want to see animals, the zoo is your best bet, but if you want to see animals in their natural habitat, stop by Bracken Cave.

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The majesty of Bracken cave can only be fully appreciated during the summer. That’s because over 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats call this cave home. Not only is it the world’s largest bat colony, it’s also one of the largest concentrations of mammals on the entire planet!

Just stand outside the cage at dusk during the summer and you can watch millions of bats take to the sky!

The Amazing Mirror Maze

The Amazing mirror maze promises to be a blast for the kids, but it’s a lot of fun for the adults too.

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Featuring thousands of mirrors, finding your way back to the exit can be a real challenge. That’s because the mirrors create surprising corners and dead ends, causing you to walk around in circles!

Ghost Tours

San Antonio has been around for a long time. Since before the Revolutionary War, as a matter of fact. That makes the city a hotspot for spiritual activity.

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Why not take a ghost tour and see if you can connect with the spirit world? This city features many ghost tours that include:

  • Take a ghost bus tour with Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours
  • Enjoy one of the oldest ghost tours in San Antonio with Alamo City Ghost Tours
  • Go on a Haunted Pub Crawl with Bad Wolf Ghost Tours

If you’re staying in an RV, you’re already vacationing a little differently, so why not go the distance and check out the weirdest things San Antonio has to offer? This list just scratches the surface, so don’t be afraid to start with one of these attractions. You may end up spending your entire vacation off the beaten path!