There is an opinion that there is no friendship between a man and a woman in pure form, and such relationships end with sex sooner or later. It’s hard to say is it so or not, but the intimate relationship between the representatives of both sexes, who call themselves friends, happens quite often. And it is understandable: people can’t ignore the very real physiological needs. But, how not to ruin a friendship with sex?

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Rule #1: a fair play

One of the problems of friends with benefits is that one of them can have illusions about their relationship. Maybe your friend has been in love with you for a long time and was just looking for an excuse to get closer. As a result, your friendship is likely to end. Think, do you want to lose a loved one? In addition, if a girl loves you but you don’t, then it is better not to start intimate relations at all. That’s how it works with girls from

Rule #2: this is not an exit

There is an opinion among some men that sex between friends is almost as a psychotherapist. A girlfriend will re-glue the broken heart and fill the empty space in it, and create the illusion that you are not alone. In fact, this is not so: sex doesn’t save from anything except strain. But you might notice that nothing has changed in your life. Moreover, the hotter your friendly bed is, the colder your everyday life becomes. Remember that sex is just sex, not a way to forget an ex-girlfriend. If you want your friend — this is a sufficient argument to sleep with her, of course, but don’t do this in order to revenge.

Rule #3: nothing fatal will happen

The main problem is that you may change attitude towards a person with whom you have sex. It may happen that you will look at your friend in a new way after sex. Your relationship will stretch like a guitar string, and instead of pleasant sensations that your body will remember, unpleasant thoughts will settle in your head. In general, you may decide that all this is a huge mistake. However, in fact, nothing terrible has happened. Therefore, if you are not sure of your own reaction to the consequences of your intimate relationship, it is better not to start.

Rule #4: don’t take someone else’s

She is free and damn attractive; you are free and attractive as well. Here’s an excuse to get to know each other better. And if she opened up with you about the fact that she and her boyfriend have not slept together for a couple of months and you decided to give her a helping hand, then think about the consequences. Don’t justify yourself by the fact that it’s just a part of friendship. You probably have common acquaintances whom you can tell it accidentally. And think about what it would be like if you were her boyfriend. Karma, by the way, has the properties of a boomerang. So think twice whether you need it.

Rule #5: there are no pitfalls

The most important thing in such kind of sex is only sex itself and not psychotherapy, not revenge to an ex-girlfriend, not passion, not interest and so on. If you just want it, then why not? Take this experience according to the principle “it was good and it is good that it was.” Don’t build illusions and don’t imagine that your relationship may turn into something more one day. However, everything may happen.


Sex with a friend can end in different ways. For example, sexual attraction may disappear or sex ceases to bring pleasure. It may happen that one of the partners fell in love with another, and then one of them or both may decide that it was a bad idea. Sometimes it can be even that one of the partners has a serious relationship with someone else. But, anyway, many couples don’t see the problem in becoming “just friends” again.


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