Nobody will argue with the fact that modern people live in a frenzied pace. Life rushes past us like a landscape outside a car window on a high-speed highway, when all the surrounding beauty blends into a blurry spot. That’s why the ability to slow down the time and stop to look around is the key to enjoying life in its entirety. Do not believe us? Then try slow sex. Sexologists agree that slow sex reveals new facets of sensuality and helps partners to achieve a higher level of pleasure. It must help you on how to date an emotionally detached woman.

Fast sex is often associated with violent passion, but in fact it often turns out to be only a way to get an orgasm as soon as possible. One of the partners received a “discharge” and it is enough, you can live on without the risk of going insane. Completely different goals pursue a slow sexual intercourse, which gets more and more supporters. What is it like? Let’s deal with it.

What is Slow Sex?

Although at the first glance the term “slow sex” may seem too subjective, in fact it can be clearly described:

  • Concentration on the process. It is important to pay attention to each stage of sexual intercourse, and not only to its natural completion.
  • Orientation to pleasure. It is important to feel the sensory perception of touch, and not to relieve stress through orgasm.
  • It is important to follow every call of the body, to be liberated and not to hurry. Sex should not be a strictly regulated procedure that is performed within a certain time frame.

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex implies slow, gradual contact with oneself and a partner, awareness of oneself during this contact and the release of a powerful stream of sexual energy that can affect other areas of life.

It is not surprising that a man of Western culture is more inclined to quick sex: our civilization was formed under the influence of Christianity, which almost demonized the corporeality.

If you want to feel the difference between what you call “sex” and what it really is – use tantra as the most effective tool for this.

Advantages of Slow Sex

  1. Slow sex greatly increases sensitivity and enhances the affinity between partners. Many sexologists agree with this. The fact is that opening for emotions during sexual intercourse, partners get rid of the need to “work for the result” (this is especially important for men).
  2. Slow sex can be a way of self-development. Concentrating on its feelings, a person trains awareness, begins to better understand itself and live more sated. These statements are more relevant to tantric practice.
  3. Slow sex brings much more pleasure than quick sex. Practitioners of this kind of intimacy can master the technique of controlling orgasm. It consists in the long maintenance of a highly excited state, which ultimately ends with an orgasm of the whole body and euphoria.

How to Engage in Slow Sex?

  1. Prepare the environment. For the disclosure of sensuality, the environment is very important: smells, colors, textures should be pleasant and soft. At your disposal there is a bath, essential oils, scented candles, silk – in general everything that can enhance the sensations.
  2. Establish a visual contact. The view can be no less exciting caress than touch. Carefully examine the partner’s body, as if touching it with eyes. Many women have complexes about the figure. To overcome them, imagine that with each removed piece of clothing you are cleaning some complex or fear. Thus, by exposing the body, you will get rid of fears.
  3. Examine all parts of the body. Slow sex is an opportunity to give time to those zones that are usually ignored during sexual intercourse. Now you have a chance to learn something new about your elbows, palms and ankles. Try a long erotic massage or long caresses of some particular part of the body.