People, it’s almost Halloween. This means that you will be partying like mad and dressed up as someone else entirely. What this reminder is trying to say is that: as much as you love partying hard on occasions like these that come just once a year, please do remember to not drink when your intoxication level makes it illegal for you to be behind the wheel.

É possível enganar bafômetro tomando uma dose de vinagre

Of course, where better can you learn than from the story of one Catherine Butler. You see, it’s tough to get arrested, let alone getting arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired. But how about that happening to you twice? Throw in getting arrested in just a span of three hours. PLUS, in one of your arrests, you were not who you are, but someone dressed as someone else – a zombie, perhaps?

This is exactly what happened to twenty-six year old Catherine Butler. This is her tale:


At around 2 AM on a Saturday morning in Gates, New York, Catherine was arrested for DWI. However, that wasn’t just the charge brought up against her. She was also charged for driving without any headlights on. Catherine wasn’t dressed as Catherine. She was dressed as a zombie. Given that she was arrested in this state, police believed that she must have come from a Halloween party. Anyway, her friend picked her up from the police station and took her home.

Less than three hours later, she was charged a second DWI when she was caught swerving on a local road. This time, however, she was just Catherine. For her first arrest, her blood alcohol level was .11 percent. The second one was .09 percent. Both figures are above the .08 legal limit. It turns out, this wasn’t the first time she was arrested for driving while intoxicated. This was her fourth arrest, with the first two recorded in 2006 and 2011.

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