How do you like to sleep in a Porsche bed, or stay inside a refurbished 727, or make an antique caboose as your holiday home, or find shelter inside a furnished caravan? It’s all possible. While transport operators try so hard to make trips as comfortable for their passengers, some really took things to the next level by converting trains, planes, cars and caravans into lodges where guests may sleep soundly and feel at home.

Huettenpalast: Indoor Caravan Living with an Outdoor Feel


Huettenpalast in Berlin, Germany is a former vacuum-cleaner factory turned into a hotel, transforming the entire place into a retro-themed interior modeled after hippy and gypsy culture. Guests make themselves at home inside furnished caravans and wooden cabins, equipped with picnic tables, outdoor camping setup, and potted plants, giving an outdoor feel without having to leave the building interiors. The hotel is open year-round, as operations are barely affected by weather.

Featherbed Railroad: Antique Cabooses Turned Cozy Bedrooms

The Featherbed Railroad in California, USA is a fleet of antique railroad cabooses individually designed to provide holiday accommodations. The cabooses are scattered on a shaded landscape overlooking the private dock, boat launch and beach at Lake County. Themes include Las Vegas, Art Deco and Harley Davidson. Each caboose is equipped with a porch and surrounded with potted plants, blending them into the immediate surroundings.

Costa Verde: Two-Bedroom Suite in a Vintage Boeing 727


Costa Verde in Quepos, Costa Rica is one of the most unusual hotels in the world. The owners refurbished a 1965 Boeing 727 plane and turned it into a plush suite with two bedrooms. The plane is mounted on a concrete platform with its nozzle set out into the forested landscape, overlooking the immediate grounds. Hand-carved teak furnishings embellish the already luxurious interiors. A winding stone stairwell provides access up the interiors.

V8 Hotel: Car Themed Bedrooms Offer Relaxing Rides

V8 Hotel in Böblingen, Germany offers 34 bedrooms designed after luxury cars including Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Morris Minor. Beds are especially crafted using cars as part of the frames, and the room interiors depict car wash and mechanic workshop and gas station environments.

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