Beauty treatments are a wonderful way to feel better about yourself, improve those little problems and give your confidence a boost.  Many of us will have tried things like wrinkle treatment with Juvea to handle those little signs of ageing.  But there are some bizarre facial treatments out there to try – if you are brave enough!

Fire facials

Japan is the home of bizarre facial treatments and one of the ones that would not make most people’s lists to try would be the Huo Liao fire treatments.  Here towels are soaked in alcohol and a special beauty elixir.  They are then draped over parts of the body – and set on fire!  Not sure this one will take off here in the UK any time soon.

Vampire facial

No, this doesn’t involve someone sinking fangs into your neck but instead, your own blood is drawn and then separated in a centrifuge.  The platelet-rich plasma is then applied and injected back into the face with micro-needles.  The idea is to stimulate collagen and heal wounds – it is a great look for Halloween too!

Gold facial

If you have some serious money to spend on your facial, then a 24 carat gold facial may be the way to go.  This anti-ageing treatment is shown to generate new cells and firm the skin as well as ease the depletion of collagen and elastin in the skin.  You really do look rich while having it too.

Bee venom facial

The latest in ‘natural’ facial ingredients is the use of honey bee venom and is found in expensive face masks and creams.  Peptides such as melittin and apamin increase blood circulation and this help to boost collagen and elastin.  There is some solid medical background to this one, as strange as it may sound – the nanoparticles in the venom carrying melittin have also helped to kill HIV-infected cells in mice while leaving other cells unharmed.  So this may move from bizarre to scientifically proven sometime soon.

Urine facial

The idea of using urine in beauty and medicinal treatment isn’t a new one – as far back as Roman times, it was used for treatments including tooth whitening!  Some people also use urine for acne treatment and for facials.  You can apply it topically to blemishes, massage it into your entire face or even consume it orally – yes, that means drinking it.  Although there’s no note whether this is your own urine, or some donated from someone else!