It might be quite rough up north, but Scottish people are actually a warm bunch with some iron-like traditions. However, there are some stuff that they regard as normal and commonplace in their own country, but are seen as weird by other people elsewhere.

They would call anyone a “c##k” without meaning to be offensive.

If you utter such a word anywhere else, even as a joke, you would receive some gasp from other people. But in Scotland, it would be uttered as a term of endearment. Given that it is just a word and is used as not an offensive lexis, dropping it as a casual greeting to your friends is no biggie in the north.

They deep-fry their pizza.

It would seem like pizzas are not loaded enough with calories, as they would deep-fry them. While this practice is unacceptable for other people, Scots would find it tastier.

Yes, that's pizza

They would put their entire meal inside a pie.

For macaroni and cheese would be insufficient sustenance for them, they have the macaroni cheese pie. If lasagna will not do, they would also chuck it into a pie. Other recipes in Scotland related to this are chilli con carne pies, chicken curry pies and shepherd’s pie pies, amongst others.


They would disown anyone who drinks whisky that is mixed with something else.

Even for the Scottish people, it still takes a while to get used to the burn of drinking whisky straight, but to water it down with something else at your peril would be deemed unacceptable. So, if you want to flood it with cola, you will not be given such a drink.

Aside from these, there are more things that we would see as weird among Scots. However, these things are part of their tradition that makes them a great people.