What is home staging? It’s a process that people usually employ when looking to sell their home. Staging involves rearranging furniture, cleaning, repairing, and all sorts of decorative touches, depending on need, but it is first and foremost a relatively relaxed affair – no heavy lifting and no huge costs. Staging is making your existing home the best it can be without radically altering it.

While costs range upwards of $600 for the most extensive home staging jobs, they can be kept to a fraction of the price in most circumstances. With a little thought and elbow grease, you can completely shift the perception of your home interior with some furniture movement, wall paint, and attention to the lighting scheme. These elements come together in a way that helps sell your home as a desirable place to any potential sellers. But that’s not all it can do.

You may not be looking to sell your home, but you can likely use a good home staging anyway, and here’s why: staging will bring out the utmost potential of the home you already have. Think of it as refurbishment for the house, taking a bit of tinkering and light work to upgrade and update your interior in ways you likely never thought possible. When there’s so little risk, there’s no reason to pass up the opportunity.

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Home Staging

Home Staging

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