Our professional and very knowledgeable staff at factotum.co.uk have handled plenty of unusual and interesting properties over our years in this industry, but even we had to stop for a moment and gasp at some of the most ridiculous home sales that we saw in an article written for Bloomberg news last year. The article lists ten truly amazing properties that would make anyone’s jaw drop, but here are our favourite five notable properties from that list that are equally remarkable and ridiculous:

The Girasol Estate in St. Barth’s

Sold in the region of $67 Million, this seven-acre estate on the Caribbean island of St. Barth’s includes 175 yards of beach front and two separate villas. Formally owned by Benjamin de Rothschild, The sale was announced just two months after Hurricane Irma stormed across the Island. It was reported that the structures on the estate weathered the storm, but it still sold for this eye-watering price despite the storm damage.

A Triplex Penthouse in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Sold for a mere $61 million…. this six bedroomed, three-story penthouse covers more than 5,000 square feet. The main attraction for the hefty price tag would be it’s prime location in the very centre of Monte Carlo (the Golden Square).

The largest national Australian sales record – The Elaine Estate, Sydney

Notable for being an Australian national sales record, this estate was sold in excess of  A$70 million ($54 million US). Impressive because of it’s 126 year history of being kept within the same family, this waterfront mansion covers 1.72 acres and includes a pool and grass tennis court.

A wine lovers dream home – Billionaire’s Row Mansion, San Francisco.

Reportedly selling for more that $35 million, a Pacific Heights home made history for becoming the most expensive property sale in San Francisco history. A modern-built seven-bedroom, eight-and-a-half-bath residence covering 11,400-square-foot, this home boasts not one, but TWO wine rooms, as well as it’s own lift!

A home in the Hamptons

Known as being some of the most sought-after land on the planet, this beach front home on the very southern tip of  New York’s Long Island, the property covers only a tiny 2,500 square feet, but just happens to sits on 2.64 of the most desired land in the whole world.

We can only dream about how much commission was earned by the property sellers handling these sales – but we still believe that our friendly staff at factotum.co.uk could easily rival them for our quality of service!