When the world’s best athletes compete in a sport, they are constantly pushing their mind and body to the limit in their quest for victory. But sometimes they push so hard that they pass their limit and end up losing control. For the athlete it’s devastating as they’ve been training for years for this moment, but luckily for us it can create some hilarious sporting fails. Here’s a few of the ones that shocked or made us laugh the most.

Sometimes the most shocking fails are when a sports team who has previously been performing well just completely crumbles unexpectedly. When current Premier League champions Chelsea started the season this year, many people would have been predicting that they’d be in the running to take the title again. The team has made history with the worst title defence of any team who has ever lifted the biggest trophy in English football. Mourinho only managed to secure 15 points from the first 16 games of the season, leading his team to 9 losses, 3 draws and only four victories before being sacked in December. The shock performance has turned the bets market on its head, making it a great time for punters to put some money on the most unexpected of score lines on betting sites like Betway. The season has been so unpredictable that bookmakers are struggling to figure out the odds for each game, but can you pick a match winner from these bets?

Often the most frustrating fails for athletes are the ones that were no fault of their own, when someone else gets in their way while they’re just trying to do their job. Usain Bolt was the victim of the most viral sporting fails of 2015 when a cameraman slipped and collided with the athlete whilst filming him on a segway. The crash sent Bolt flying, but luckily the fail came during his victory lap so didn’t affect the result of the race. Luckily Bolt eventually saw the funny side, joking that one of his rivals must have paid the cameraman to try and stop him from winning future races or even bookmakers to try and win back some of the money from those winning bets.

Biking Crash

Biking Crash

But some of the most heartbreaking fails have to come from the world of Olympics. These athletes train years for event where they have to give everything in the space of a few minutes or even seconds. Like when diver Stephan Feck of Germany somehow managed to slip off the diving board and land on his back in a painful display that was scored as a failed dive by the judges. The British commentator famously stole a quote from Woody from Toy Story when he described the athlete as “falling with style”. Or when German weightlifter Matthias Steiner just couldn’t hold the 432 pounds he was trying to lift when defending his title at the 2012 Olympics and ended up dropping the weights on his neck.

The best kinds of fails are ones where the Olympian and the spectators can laugh about it together as it doesn’t affect their race. So here’s Gillian Cooke ripping her suit in the most unfortunate of places whilst preparing to push her bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics.

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