Halloween is almost here and you can only think of one thing: costumes! By this time, many people have prepared to dress like their favorite TV and film characters, especially those in the horror genre. This year’s series and movies have already let us see which characters will be chosen. In fact, with the recent release of IT we are almost certain that there will be a massive Pennywise fever in every corner of the globe. The good side of all this is that people finally got off the Harley Quinn train; The bad thing is that there’s already a new clown. Obviously, this is not the only option to choose from because the National Retail Federation is already pulling their numbers to determine how the masses will dress soon. Whether you make the costumer yourself or trust your favourite clothes designer with some of the parts, the whole process of putting everything together is always a pleasure.

If you want to satisfy your curiosity or simply need ideas, then take a look at this list:

Wonder Woman

The truth is that Gal Gadot is the heroine of the moment and there will be no girl (or boy) who misses the chance to dress like the mighty Diana if they get the chance to. We could say that it is one of the most powerful and sexy attires this season. You don´t need to be a fashion designer to make it but it´s definitely not the easiest either, especially to make certain parts look metallic.

Beauty and the Beast

For the girls who have always dreamed of being Disney princesses, we have the last character who has made a big bang on the big screen. Now, the question is: Will the beast’s costume be worn by the dog or the boyfriend?


As it is the only time of year when it is okay to wear swimwear off the beach, it is almost imperative that people disguise themselves as the Baywatch cast. We look forward to seeing all guys wearing muscles made of foam rubber.

Big little lies

Maybe this trend does not take up much force on this side of the puddle, because although popular, Big Little Lies does not have as much impact for people as other shows to disguise themselves as their characters. It will be a matter of time to determine if we were wrong or not.

Star Wars

Jedi Masters, Sith Lords, Stormtroopers, Wookies, Ewooks and even Droids. Being fans of such a large franchise, it is normal for several people to dress as Star Wars characters for Halloween. Especially thanks to the most recent trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie. May the Force be with those who use good rags and the best star wars costumes!

Rick and Morty

Another series that was globally popular this year. It will probably be good to set up drinks games with a shot for each person disguised as Rick Sanchez passing the street.

Game of Thrones

OK, winter has already hit the Game of Thrones universe, but the costume parties do not and that’s what matters. It will be fun to watch Jon Snow, Daenerys and the White Walkers drink in the same place without causing trouble!

Stranger Things

Is this the most appropriate series for Halloween? In our humble opinion, yes. The success of Netflix will arrive on dates very close to the parties this month. Surely Eleven and Dustin will multiply and wander down the street.

Will they use any of these themes for the holidays? Possibly so. If you think we missed another franchise, please let us know!

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