Casinos and gambling is a fascinating cross-section of math and entertainment. Most people enjoy playing the games, but have you ever thought about what your chances of winning at crap are or what the chance of getting pairs are in any card game? We’ve done the math and put together our ten most shocking odds in gambling.

10) The odds of getting the infamous blackjack is less than 5%

The chances of getting the best hand in the game of blackjack are a meager 4.749%. Considering most blackjack tables have five decks being used, those odds are shockingly low. However, you do have better odds of getting blackjack than you do our next shocking gambling statistic.


9) The potential for a royal flush is 1 in 649,740

You have better odds of getting a Royal Flush in poker than getting struck by lightning – but only by about 50,000. Consider ditching your umbrella or standing under a tree the next time you get a royal flush.


8) The chance of getting of getting a single pair in any one hand is 42.26%

The odds of getting a single pair in a deck of 52 is a nice 42%. The only downside to this percentage is that you’re still more likely to not get a pair than you are.


7) 68% of gamblers in Las Vegas play slot machines

There are on average more than 41 million people who visit casinos annually in Las Vegas. This means that over 27.8 million people played slot machines in Las Vegas. Taking into consideration that a vast majority of people also play slots online now, often taking advantage of free spins and no deposit bonuses such as those listed on for various online casinos.


6) The chance of rolling a 2 or 12 in craps is 2.78%

If you want to hit the craps table, make sure you bet on any other number unless you’re feeling particularly lucky. The odds of hitting a 2 or 12 is very slim.


5) The odds of you getting dealt pocket Aces in Texas Hold’em is 4.5%

While you might have a solid chance of getting a single pair of odds in a 52 card deck, the odds of getting pocket Aces in Texas Hold’em is a mere 4.5%. Definitely raise that bet if you get dealt this amazing hand!


4) The largest slot win was in Las Vegas

The largest slot win ever was won in Las Vegas. An engineer won 39.7 million US dollars on the Megabucks machine. They beat incredible odds of 16.7 million to one.


3) You have better chances of getting a flush than a full house in Poker

The chances of getting a flush in poker sits around 3.03% whereas the chances of getting a full house is about 2.60%. These odds are based on popular poker games that use best of five out of seven.


2) The odds of hitting black or red in roulette are equal

While it’s probably not surprising that your odds of hitting black or red in roulette are equal, it is surprising to find out that it’s not an even 50/50. The odds of hitting black or red are 47.4% leaving a probability that the house will scoop up chips at about 5.26%.


1) The odds of getting bingo in 4 balls is 0.0000033%

We thought the odds of getting pocket Aces were ridiculous, the odds of getting a bingo in 4 balls is 0.0000033%. This is based on 100 cards with at least 25 people in the game. In other words, if you get bingo in 4 balls expect a lot of envious people looking your way.

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