It started less than a week ago what appears to be a series of videos aimed to bring laughter but portrayed as popular how to tutorials. The videos are short as the motto and name of the channel is “How to in one minute“. This is also its key feature. The tutorials are supposed to be very short and weirdly efficient.

How to in a minute

How to in a minute

The person behind these videos appears to be a young man who presents himself as Mr. How to and in all the videos he appears with a mascot monkey with sunglasses, which he calls, Mr. Minute. Weirded out yet? Well, as if all that was not enough, Mr. How to is also dressed as a lab chemist in a chemical suit with a gas mask and everything. His voice is always muffled which adds to the comedy/weird factor of the videos.

So you may wonder, what is funny about the videos besides the getup? Well, the fact that they don’t really show how to do anything. In essence, the jokes revolve around wordplay or some sort of gimmick to do exactly what the title says it will show you how to do, but by not doing what someone entering the video may expect to find out. Still can’t imagine how he makes it work? Take a look at the videos for yourself and find out.

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