This year’s top helmets offer a full range of features at affordable prices. New options are available on a number of tried and true models.

Here are five outstanding helmets from leading brands.

  1. Scorpion EXO-R320

The EXO-R320 is a full-face helmet with an LG polycarbonate shell and dual-density EPS. This model features a locking face shield, KwikFit cheek pads and speaker pockets. A variety of DOT-approved designs are priced around $100.

  1. Bell Qualifier

The Qualifier has a lightweight polycarbonate and ABS outer shell and a shield resistant to fog, scratches and UV rays. Interior features include contoured cheek pads, speaker pockets and a washable comfort liner. A padded wind collar and adjustable ventilation system promote overall comfort. The basic DOT-approved design starts at $110, and DLX and MIPS-equipped versions are also available.

  1. Icon Airmada

The Airmada is a modular polycarbonate helmet priced under $200. This DOT-approved design boasts a locking fog-free shield and a Hydradry lining that wicks away moisture. Combine headwear with motorcycle shoes for protection and comfort.


The CL-MAX II is a modular helmet with a polycarbonate composite outer shell and adjustable chin bar. A single button releases the face shield. This model is DOT-approved and ranges from $155 to $170. The HJC CL-17 is a comparable full-face style.

  1. AGV K3 SV

The K3 SV full-face helmet has a High Resistant Thermoplastic Resin outer shell and inner four-density EPS shell with integrated ventilation. The nose guard and wind protector are removable, and the interior liners are washable. This DOT-approved helmet ranges from about $170 up to $270.

These are five of the best buys from leading helmet companies. If you are looking for racing or off-road helmets, consider other styles made by these popular brands. In addition to wearing protective gear, riders should use motorcycle light kits to increase visibility.