News about so many teeth pulled out from youngsters in India are quite intriguing. It isn’t normal to have 80 excess teeth, how much more 202 or 232?

Teenage Boy, 232 Teeth Removed

In July 2014, there were reports about a teenage Indian boy who had 232 little teeth removed from a tumor in his jaw. Some 18 months prior to the operation, the 17-year-old Ashik Gavai complained of a swelling jaw combined with severe pain.

His parents were alarmed, worried that their son might be suffering from cancer. They had him checked at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital. The doctors found that the young boy had complex composite odontoma, a benign tumor in his right jaw. Although it’s not cancerous, odontoma could potentially damage Gavai’s jawbone and cause facial deformity.

During the six-hour long surgery, doctors chiseled and hammered into the tumor to open it up, revealing little pearls inside that looked like small teeth. After the operation, Gavai is back to having normal set of teeth, 28 in all.


Seven-Year Old Girl, 202 Teeth Removed

In November 2014, Dr. Ajoy Roychoudhary of New Delhi Medical Institute told the press he was shocked to pull out 202 little teeth from a seven-year old girl. Like Gavai, the little girl too had swollen jaw and suffered pain. X-rays showed the girl had compound odontoma, causing her to grow teeth irregularly. After the removal of 202 teeth from the girl’s mouth, the patient was able to eat and chew normally again.


Seven-Year Old Boy, 80 Teeth Removed

In December 2014, another young boy in India was operated at Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital and had 80 teeth removed from his upper jaw. Doctors have to clear the abscess before extracting the “toothlets” from the boy’s mouth.

The boy had an abscessed upper jaw, and had complained about pain getting worse over time.

Odontoma is characterized by teeth eruption, where upon the growth of the tumor, enamel and dentin were deposited resulting in the formation of little teeth-like structures. It can be in three forms: compound or complex. So far, the maximum number of teeth extracted from the tumor in the past was 37. Doctors who operated Gavai said they plan to alert the Guinness Book of World Records about the recent event.

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