Are you a fan of the horror genre and want to satisfy your craving for the fearsome and the grotesque? Plan a holiday to any of the following destinations and fulfill your desires.

Church of Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic

Feel your screen crawl as you enter a seemingly ordinary church only to find out that its walls are covered in about 70,000 human bones! Skulls, femurs and more are on display and strung up on the ceiling for everyone to gawk at.

Capuchin Catacombs in Italy

Eerie subterranean passage – check. Mummified corpses – check. Be forewarned, nightmares are bound to happen after visiting this place. If you really love this stuff, then you might just be thrilled to know that you might brush with some hanging corpses while exploring!


The Museum of Death in the US

For anyone who enjoys watching horror films with extra blood and gore, pouring over the photos of crime scenes and murders exhibited in this museum will be a creepy treat. There’s stuff about serial killers too.

Winchester Mystery House in the US

If your preference lies in the direction of ghosts and hauntings, the mystery house should be a part of your itinerary. Enjoy following the stairs and doors that lead to nowhere; just don’t get lost or who knows what will happen to you…

Suicide Forest in Japan

Popular for being the site of so many suicides (247 dead bodies were found here in 2010), the area is nothing but creepy. Evil spirits are also said to haunt the place so explore but don’t go too far.


The Island of Dolls in Mexico

Sinister looking dolls hanging from trees will greet you at this island. Rumor has it that a girl drowned in the surrounding waters and that her spirit now possesses those dolls. Even if this isn’t true, looking at those dolls will definitely give you a chill no matter the time of day.

As a horror fan, do you think you would visit these places? Any other scary locations you think worth experiencing at least once?

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