The history about spacewalks and astronauts is very interesting for many people, and is full of curiosities that you will surely ignore. Some are related to the way in which astronauts operate in space. Today we will discover some of the history surrounding the world of astronauts:

1. Russia sends its astronauts armed into space. But its target of use is in case they land in deserts, to face animal threats.

2. The first rocket-woman in outer space was Russian, Valentina Tereshkova.

3. The longest spacewalk was made by Bruce McCandless (1984). More than 100 meters away from the ship without any subjection to the ship. Of course, wearing a nitrogen propellant equip.

Bruce McCandless in his reckless adventure

Bruce McCandless in his reckless adventure

4. Because the vertebrae are decompressed by weightlessness, the astronaut is 5 cm taller when it reaches Earth. The same applies when we get up in the morning.

5. The astronaut Alan Shepard (Apollo 14) played golf on the lunar surface. In his third attempt to hit the ball he sent it so far that its whereabouts is unknown.

6. The International Space Station has a gym because muscles atrophy in zero gravity.

7. As body fluids are then not attracted by gravity and accumulate in the head, astronauts add more salt (liquid) to their meals because the taste buds are altered.

8. The astronauts are exposed to numerous radiation from space. Researchers go crazy designing anti-radiation spacesuits.

9. Any granular food like salt, pepper, sugar, etc, is not allowed.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield entering his sleep cabin

Astronaut Chris Hadfield entering his sleep cabin

10. Nobody has ever snored in space due to effects of weightlessness.

11. Some astronauts who spend long time in space take some time to get used to the fact that things fall for their own weight.

12. Due to the stiffness of the gloves they wear, astronauts often damage their nails, and in many cases they do fall.

13. Apart from drinking, astronauts can also eat (fruits and energy bars) inside the suit. They have a food depot near their head.

14. We know that astronauts wear diapers to urinate, but the suit also has a system to collect feces.

15. The spacesuits have more than 90 meters of pipes for the cooling system.

16. Laika died within five hours of her release owing to the stress suffered.



17. For the expedition to Mars it would be required to design totally different spacesuits for astronauts.

18. Sleeping in space is hard, the sun rises and sets every 90 minutes.

19. The astronauts’ spacesuit weighs about 127 kg.

20. The US flag seems to wave because at that time the astronaut was spinning the stick to nail it and undulations occur in space. We all know that in the absence of air it cannot wave by itself.

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