There are some unbelievable facts that happen all around but most people might not be aware of them. Here are some of the most notable facts about ingredients that should not be found in food in which you might want to ponder upon.

Chicken Nuggets

Before attractive foods are offered in fast-food chains, things like hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and pepperoni look like a sludge of paste that are often disgusting to see. This has been done via a process referred to as mechanical separation. This process is considered cost-effective as it smoothens out bone remnants from the deboning procedure. In order to cover the flavor of ammonia, the meat is artificially re-flavored and dyed to look exactly the same as it was before.


Shellac in Jelly Beans

As a finishing product to improve the shine of furniture and wood, shellac is also a common chemical found in certain foods such as jelly beans to enhance the shine.

Viruses in Processed Meat

Many food production companies have since been looking for ways to counter unhealthy microbes found on processed foods including hotdogs and lunch meat. According to sources, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the application of bacteriophages or viruses to help kill such microbes. Thus, viruses are purposely added to food to enhance its shelf life.


Phosphoric Acid in Soda

Although cocaine has long been taken out as one of the ingredients of the Coca-Cola beverage, it contains ten teaspoons of glucose or sugar. This is 100% of the recommended daily consumption. However, in a normal setting, this amount of sugar should cause you to vomit. The addictive nature of sugar though has enabled the brand to capture the attention of many patrons to keep coming back for more. Nevertheless, in order to cut the sweetness to levels that are manageable enough, they decided to add phosphoric acid into the mix.