Uterus Transplant Enable Woman to Conceive and Give Birth

A lot of women are unable to conceive for a lot of reasons. Infertility in women is old news, but the stigma and frustrations that come with it is anything but. Causes can vary from a range of physical or emotional factors. Scarring from sexually transmitted disease, hormone imbalance, ovulation dysfunction, pelvic infection and tumor results in infertility. If the problem has something to do with the uterus, however, hope is much brighter for them.


A Swedish woman, who received a womb transplant, recently gave birth to a bouncing baby that weighs 1.8 kg. She previously suffered with womb problems, which made conception impossible. But after doctors transplanted a womb, donated by a 61-year old woman, she finally got pregnant and then gave birth. Her story marks the beginning of a scientific breakthrough, and an end to women’s frustrations over uterus-related problems.

It’s natural to be dubious about this “miracle”, since uterus transplant isn’t as common as heart or kidney transplant. But according to Prof Mats Brannstrom, leader of the transplant team, the success is based on intensive animal research and surgical training that went on for more than 10 years. With over a decade of study, there’s little doubt of its success. Add to this the miracle that happened to the Swedish woman and the transplant definitely gives hope to all the women suffering with uterine infertility.


Liza Johannesson, a surgeon, praised the achievement and how it gives another chance to couples who have given up hope of ever having a child. “It gives hope to those women and men that thought they would never have a child, that thought they were out of hope,” Of course, this is only applicable for women with uterine infertility. If the problem is caused by male factors or other female factor, other solutions are required.

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