A baboon touches the breast of a reporter live on TV. Sabrina Rodriguez of the U.S. news channel Fox 40 shows her professionalism when a monkey grabs her chest for a live television report in Sacramento, California. Sabrina was conducting a report on the Lodi Grape Festival when an unusual and uncomfortable situation occured for the reporter.

Baboon and Reporter

Baboon and Reporter

Sabrina shook hands with a baboon named Mickey and immediately Mickey laid his hand on the reporter’s chest. Reacting with great professionalism, Sabrina said laughing that Mickey was trying to capture her attention and “cop a feel.”

However, the baboon undeterred throughout the interview left its hand in the right place and outlined one cute smile. So with a baboon’s hand on her chest, Sabrina culminated the interview by saying “Join us soon and learn more about the baboons.” Below is the according video:

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